COVID Prevention Rules


LA BELLA VISTA Pension opened its doors on JUNE 22, 2020. We have adopted and implemented a set of rules and measures in accordance with the current situation, which refers to preventing the spread and combating of the new coronavirus. (SARS VOC 2)



  • For the safety of you, the other guests but also our team, we inform you that the check-in procedure also includes checking your temperature. with certified equipment. Please accept this procedure. The temperature should not exceed 37.3 degrees.
  • You will be asked to disinfect your hands and you will be asked to wear a protective mask in all public spaces of the location..
  • Please respect the social distance from the members of the La Bella Vista team but also from the other guests of the location of at least 1.50 m. In the reception, the terrace and the pavilion there is information in this regard.
  • The check-in procedure, respectively the completion and signing of the documents is carried out using the personal pen or pens provided by the hotel keeping a distance of at least 1.50 m from the receptionist.
  • At check-out, the room key is left in the specially arranged container and marked for this purpose at the reception.
  • The reception and entrance area will be cleaned and sanitized every 3 hours or whenever necessary.
  • In the event of a technical failure or the appearance of the maid, please leave the room to avoid contact with the employee sent.


  • We installed push or pedal-operated disinfectant dispensers throughout the location and on the terraces.
  • There is a disinfectant mat at the entrance.
  • We displayed flyers to delimit the distance according to the rules of social distance.
  • The reception team is equipped with protective equipment that includes: mask, disinfectant and infrared thermometer for temperature measurement.
  • To reduce the contact with the receptionist and the waiter at the bar, we installed plexiglass screens on the reception / bar desk.
  • The cleaning and disinfection of public areas is done every 3 hours, with the help of biocidal products approved by the Ministry of Health. common, balustrade access hall.
  • We removed the informative materials from the reception area.
  • Playgrounds are disinfected daily.
  • The equipment in the games room and the furniture will be disinfected every 3 hours.
  • The shared bathrooms will be sanitized every hour. The handwashing flayer is displayed for at least 20 seconds.


  • All team members will wear gloves and protective masks
  • At the entrance on the terraces / pavilion we provide hand sanitization installations.
  • The menus will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • All terrace tables / chairs / turrets will be disinfected after each use.
  • We keep a distance of at least 1.50 m between each table.
  • The number of people accepted is 4 people, members of the same family, it is not accepted to move / paste the tables.
  • All glass glasses are washed in a professional glass washer, with detergent with disinfection certified by the Ministry of Health and special additives.
  • All objects on the tables, olive trees, supports, napkins or flower vases, are disinfected after each guest.
  • All meals will be served a la carte.


  • The maids will wear full uniform and protective equipment, disposable gloves, visors (as appropriate) and masks.
  • All information materials (such as folders with information materials) were removed from the room, for to eliminate the risk of contamination and to allow a safe sanitation.
  • The glass cups are packed in sterile bags.
  • The TV remote control will be wrapped in a sterile bag after each guest.
  • In each room there are containers with hand sanitizer.
  • The released rooms are part of the standard space sanitation cleaning procedure.
  • All surfaces in the rooms are cleaned, wiped and disinfected with professional biocidal products, approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • In the process of disinfecting the room we pay special attention to the handles, handles, switches, sockets, remote controls, all flat surfaces. The bathrooms are cleaned and then disinfected with professional biocidal products. Dove shower gel / hand gel dispensers will be disinfected after each room used.
  • We limited the room cleaning service during our stay. The maid will enter the occupied rooms only for the daily garbage disposal, only in the absence of the guest and only if he will request this by using the plate on the door handle "Please clean"
  • Linen and towels are not changed during the stay. In special situations, if the guest requests the reception to change the linen and towels during the stay, the maid performs these activities when the client is not in the room, without touching the guest's objects or other surfaces in the room..

For further details do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you!